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Bookmarking Demon - Social Bookmarking Automation Software

The world has gone digital in the past decade. Almost everyone owns smartphones, tablets and computers which are used to access information and communicate using the internet. Accordingly, the use of social media sites and social bookmarking sites has also ballooned. With the move away from the traditional forms of communication, such as ‘paper’ newspapers, persons who have products and services to market have also been challenged to making the transition to digital communication. If you want to market your offerings you must get find a way to promote your product on the internet and do it in a way to reach your potential market. This is done by writing articles, placing advertisements and other promotional material on websites called ‘social bookmarking sites’, which are frequented by many persons.


Social Bookmarking sites are websites, which use Tags to categorize the specific topic, allowing the posting of links (backlinks) back to a source website. This allows thousands, and maybe millions, of people access to your website just by searching theses Social Bookmarking sites while searching for information. Social Bookmarking has therefore been a highly successful method of generating traffic to sites by the sharing of links.

The need for the use of social bookmarking sites are:

§  It is critical to creating backlinks to your website on high page rank websites e.g. Reddit and Digg.

§  Social bookmarking sites use tags which categories your topic and facilitate more ‘pointed’ traffic accessing you link and website.

§  It aids in getting your site ranked higher in the Search Engine such as Google, preferably 1st page.

§  Aids in increasing your website’s visibility.

§  The backlinks created helps you to index your backlinks on Google.

§  Finally, as I will reiterate later, social bookmarking is not for spammers and care should be taken in the use of, and submission to, social bookmarking sites to ensure your site or IP address are not banned by Google.

Marketers use these social bookmarking sites which have high traffic to promote their products and services. One of the problems faced by the marketers is that they now have to:

·         Find the social networking sites used by their identified market

·         Enroll on each site using a valid email address and in some cases a username

·         Complete the CATCHPA which is used by most sites to ensure that access is by humans and not computers.

·         Validate your email account

·         Thereafter you have to login to the site

·         Post the link of the Blog, video, article to the bookmarking site, along with a description of the article along with the tags.

For this activity to be effective this has to be done on hundreds of sites. Although most of these sites are free they do not support spamming. This activity must therefore be done in a way that would not appear to be spamming. Additionally, this exercise can be a very time consuming exercise that may take hours, or in some cases days… not the most efficient way to market. In response to these constraints several social bookmarking software were designed and marketing. The software, however, while solving many issues faces also presented several new ones. These include:

§  Most of these were spam tools which when detected by the sites would ban the email addresses and in some cases the IP addresses of the submitters.

§  Some of the software are designed only for some sites and may not give access to all those the marketer requires.

§  Some of these software are exorbitantly and prohibitively priced, with some having recurring monthly charges.

§  They may create duplicate content issues which may cause the sites to ignore your content.

The use of Bookmarking Demon (BMD), the social bookmarking automation software, does just that… it automates the process of promoting the material. You then produce the material and promote it on hundreds of sites in as little as minutes or hours. The developer of Bookmarking Demon, Edwin Brian, experienced all the challenges faced by others and in response created Bookmarking Demon, which has been found by many as the answer to most of their problems with social bookmarking and getting backlinks to your website.

Bookmarking Demon is promoted as a product which allows registered users to “Get Unlimited Supply of High PR Backlinks and Laser Targeted Traffic from Major Bookmarking Sites… All Done in Minutes On Autopilot”. The reviews the software, found on the internet by users were very good and I decided to purchase to determine if it worked as well as it was said to be.

Like all software programs the Bookmarking Demon, to work as needed and provide the desired results, requires that it be setup. What I found out is that you cannot be a novice to complete this setup. In addition to standard information, if you not experienced in Search Engine Optimization (SOE) you will have to educate yourself to be able to provide the required information for the program to run effectively.

Examples of these are:

1.    The use of HTTP proxies. The setup of Bookmarking Demon requires these. It facilitates the use of either Global Proxies, which are proxies shared throughout Bookmarking Demon or Local Proxies, which are settings that are assigned to the profile, but not shared. The knowledge of which setting to use and the IP addresses of the proxy servers will be required. If not previously known, research will have to be done to be able to complete this step.

2.    Ping Servers are required as abort of the setup. I had to ask myself “what are Ping Servers”?


Before I say anything further on the pros or cons of the Bookmarking Demon let us have a basic look at how the software is to be setup, step by step, to achieve the desired results. See this video for an overview of Bookmarking Demon.

·         The first step is to purchase the and download it from or one of its affiliates. The cost is a one-time cost of $147 which covers future updates.

·         The software is downloaded as Zip file which should be uncompressed and installed from the a.exe file.

·         You will be prompted to accept the license agreement and to input your 64 characters long license key which you received on purchase.   You will also be asked if a shortcut should be created on your desktop.

·         You will then go into the setup wizard as you are setting up for the very first time. Follow the prompts.

·         In the configuration you will be asked if you want the submitter to auto run every time the software starts. Unless you have other reasons not to, it is recommended that you choose ‘yes’.

·         You are also then given the choice if you want finger to auto run every time the software is started. Again, it is recommended that you choose ‘yes’.

·         Having done this, you have now completed the wizard.

·         Bookmarking Demon is now ready to be setup for use.

·         Whenever you start the software, using your desktop icon or otherwise, if there is a new updated version of the software available you will see a flashing ‘download new version’ at the bottom left of the screen. Click on this to update Bookmarking Demon.

·         You need to know, however, that you can only submit bookmarking tasks through Bookmarking Demon. All other tasks e.g. Article are locked and you will need to purchase the key for Ultimate Demon.

·         Bookmarking Demon has a YouTube video and PDF manual that you can request and which will guide you through the setup and use. I will however provide an overview and guide for the use of Bookmarking Demon to submit your bookmarking tasks:

1.    The interface opens to a screen with a toolbar with the following tools and settings:

a.    Tools

                                                             i.        Account Profiles

                                                           ii.        Import/Export Profiles

                                                          iii.        Tools which provides a dropdown menu to several other tools

b.   Settings

                                                             i.        Global Proxies

                                                           ii.        Ping Servers

                                                          iii.        Visual Aid

                                                          iv.        Generate Report

                                                            v.        Export Live Links

2.    Below the Toolbar are six (6) tabs:

a.    Projects where you can see your current projects listed. Within this you can add, delete and edit projects. Only the DEFAULT project cannot be deleted.

b.   Statistics – how many of your submissions were completed and pending. This can be sorted by date

c.    Sites – this tab shows the social bookmarking sites that are in the database. Bookmarking Demon comes with 100 sites by default. The software however comes with the functionality for you to import your own sites.

d.   Mailbox – here you manage your mail accounts. Accounts can be added and deleted here

e.    Ping is a notification signal to search engines, such as Google, that new content is available and you would like it to be indexed in their search engine. Ping is therefore important for Google to become aware about your backlinks.

f.     Scraper – is a web scraper that will allow you to harvest an unlimited number of sites

3.    Auto Run on Startup – Check in the box if you want the pending projects to auto run on startup. If not, uncheck the box and start when you want to.

Creating a Bookmarking Task for Submission

There are four (4) basic steps for the creation of a bookmarking task for submission and creation of backlinks. These are:

1.    Click ‘New’ and Bookmarking task.

2.     You will first add the bookmarking sites you want to submit to. You will also need to choose a category relevant to your submission. If you don’t Bookmarking Demon will choose a default which bears no relation and may result in the site administrator rejecting the submission. By selecting your category Bookmarking Demon will select the sites with categories similar to your choice. Having selected the sites click ‘select all’, then ‘Add’ to add the sites to your profile.

3.    Click to enter a new profile name.

a.    You can then use the random setup feature to get random data for your profile. Do this by clicking the red (random) buttons.

b.   Click on the envelope at the email section. This will lead to the section to set up a valid email account. For submission to sites a valid, working, email account is required. This is double-checked at the time when the account is created by Bookmarking Demon on each of the sites when the site validates the email address. In most cases a validation email is actually sent by the site which needs to be responded to. So this is a very important step. Another important step is that POP3 be enabled for your account. Test the email before you leave this page. You may also add an avatar to your account.

To complete this setup screen you would need to determine whether you will select ‘local proxies’ which is specific to that email account, or ‘global proxies’ which would be stored in the main settings of the software; then click save.

c.    Add URL. Click the +sign and enter the URL of the blog or link that backlinks on social bookmarking sites are required; and click start. You will then be able to ‘rewrite’ and ‘spin’ the title. There is also the feature of the synonym chooser. These synonyms will be included in the spinning. A similar exercise should be done for the description and tags of the bookmark. You can the preview the task. Remember to give the task a name so that you can retrieve it in the future.

d.   The final step is the timing of the submission. You may select to delay submission or submit now.

e.    Where you have not selected Visual Aid, you will be required to type in the Catchpa each site while the registration is being done. As highlighted elsewhere you can register for Visual Aid sites, pay the required fee and set up before submission. You may register for more than one of the facilities and priorities; an additional feature of Bookmarking Demon.

The preceding is but a simplified overview of the basic setup and submission of your URL for bookmarking to bookmarking sites. I say simplified because as you will note that you will need to procure proxies for use, at a discount by virtue of being a Bookmarking Demon client. Additionally, if you don’t want to input Catchpa’ s individually you will incur a cost.

Additionally, I have not, by any means, touched on all the other features of the software. In addition to purchasing and personally reviewing how the software is used I have also looked at reviews written by other users of the software. By doing this I found that there is general consensus of the pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages) of the use of BMD. A review of these will now be done.


Automated Account Creation

Bookmarking Demon allows automatic account creation, meaning BMD will create and verify accounts for you so you can use them for saving bookmarks. Bookmarking Demon supports 100 bookmarking sites. While may not have 100% success for each task, depending on whether or not you follow the rules, a rate of over 60% is very good and saves a lot of time.

Activation on Multiple Computers

·         With the purchase of the Bookmarking Demon license the software would be downloaded and installed on your computer. You will be prompted to activate the license key. The same license can be activated on two (2) computers. To run on a third computer, you will however have to deactivate the license on one of the two previously activated computers.

Access to Updates

Purchase of the license gives you access to future software updates.

Addition of Your Own Websites

In addition to the approximately 100 sites ‘built in’ to BMD, the software allows you to add the additional sites you may want.

100% Hands Free Submission

To ensure that submissions are being submitted by humans, and not robots, most sites require the entry of text for security images known as CAPTCHAS. This may be time consuming to individually enter these for each website. Bookmarking Demon includes the feature of VisualAid built into it to facilitate 100% hands free submission to sites. To access this feature, you would need to pay a fee to one or more sites that have humans who input the CAPTCHAS on your behalf. You would then setup your VisualAid account in Bookmarking Demon. The average cost is $4.00/recognized CATCHPA.

Alternatively, you may setup to either input the CAPTCHAS manually or to skip websites with this security feature.

Randomized Submission

If you submit your bookmarks with the same title, description and tags across multiple accounts you are likely to have a footprint suggesting that you are a robot. This will lead to site administrators suspending your accounts and IP addresses. To prevent this from occurring Bookmarking Demon supports spinning. This means that you can rotate your titles, descriptions and tags using {|}. Bundling this you have a different set of metadata for each bookmarking site and copies the way humans would submit the bookmarks, give the impression of authenticity.

RSS Camouflage

To ensure your accounts are not labeled as ‘self-promotional’ and get deleted by site, Bookmarking Demon administrators avoids this by the use of ‘RSS Camouflage. BMD therefore mixes your promotional URL with regular ones to camouflage your submission.

The Use of Proxy Servers

You will definitely not be allowed to submit hundreds of bookmarks and create multiple accounts from the same IP address; this does not appear to be the action of a human. Hence BMD uses proxy servers. While there are some free proxy servers these are not always reliable. The option is to purchase private proxy servers. While you may be eligible for discounts through BMD it may still cost you up to $2.50 per proxy.

Use of Ping

Ping notifies Search Engines and other services that your web page has changed, you can ping any URL from Bookmarking Demon to help faster indexing.


To increase the probability of your submission appearing to the sites that the submission is by a human the timing of the submissions is; the longer the submission time the better.  The Bookmarking Demon feature which allows you to schedule the submission time of your bookmarks using the visual scheduler is a great one. You simply select the date range and click “Create Schedule” and Bookmarking Demon will distribute your submissions according to your settings.


An integral feature of BMD is the generation of reports which allow you to check the performance of your promotions, at any time, and see the results from BMD.


1.    Scheduler

While the scheduler is a great feature there is however one limitation, which is that you can’t use the software while the scheduler is running; you have to stop it or wait till it finished before you can work on another project.

2.    To maximize results from Bookmarking Demon, and achieve high page ranking you have to apply massive leverage, and submit 1000’s of bookmarks.

3.    Multiple Accounts/Profiles Required

Social Bookmarking Websites have millions of pages with links but not all of them get indexed by Search Engines and it may take months for a Search Engine spider to get to your page. If you therefore want your link to be indexed by Search Engines you need to have at least 10 bookmarks for each URL link that you’re trying to promote. This means multiple submission by BMD to each site.
4.    Hidden Costs

a.    Private Proxies

For Bookmarking Demon to work effectively and submit your URL to multiple sites it has to done in a manner that will maximize a high percentage of submission and acceptance by the social bookmarking sites. For this to happen the sites cannot deem the submission to be self-promotional. To avoid this submissions, have to be from multiple IP addresses. Hence the need for private proxies. To legitimize your submission of hundreds of bookmarks you may need at least ten private proxies. At cost of $2.50 for each this is an additional cost of approximately $25.00/month. You are not told this when you purchase the software.

b.    CATCHPA’s

Most bookmarking websites now use CAPTCHA to prevent automated submissions and account creation. So if you don’t want to enter CAPTCHAS for thousands of bookmarks you have to use automated CAPTCHA recognition service. These are however not free. It may cost up to $4 per 1000 of recognized CAPTCHAS to use this service in Bookmarking Demon. Accordingly, if you are submitting thousands of bookmarks you can spend approximately $10/month on a CATCHPA recognition service because automation would be impossible without it.


Bookmarking Demon has a one-time purchase cost with no monthly subscription fees, however, you will be required to spend at least$35/month for the private proxy and CATCHP recognition services if you want to enjoy the full benefits of the software.

Once you do this and setup the software as required and follow the guidelines and etiquette for the use of Social Bookmarking Sites Bookmarking Demon will prove to be a very good investment and tool for the submission of your bookmarks and promote your link.

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